Because Ernie Brooks Said "Do Something with Your Images."

In 2012, I had the amazing good fortune to be on a live aboard dive trip with Ernie Brooks, renowned underwater photographer and genuinely nice man. He presented several of his photographs and told the stories behind them, then encouraged us to share our work with others. With his words in mind, I've created calendars and photo books to share my images, particularly my images from the sea, in hopes of inspiring others to think ways they can help protect our oceans and environment.

Available as a desktop version with a plastic display case, a hanging version, or as loose pages. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a calendar or any of the calendar images as a photographic print.
I started making photo books to share with all ages what is so special under the sea. Books are available for purchase directly from Blurb.
Any image on this site can be made into a print, whether you saw it in an image gallery, a book preview, or a calendar design. Please contact me if there are images that you would like to purchase as photo prints.
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